Modern lead retrieval that helps prove ROI

A lead retrieval app can provide several benefits to businesses, especially those that participate in events such as trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. Here are some of the key benefits of using a lead retrieval app.

Turn every booth at your event into a lead generator. Lead Retrieval is the most seamless way for your sponsors and exhibitors to capture leads with enriched data – all by scanning attendees’ QR codes.

Real Time Data

A lead retrieval app can provide real-time data on leads collected, allowing businesses to act quickly and follow up with potential customers before they lose interest.

Increased productivity

With a lead retrieval app, businesses can automate many of the tasks associated with lead capturing and follow-up, freeing up sales teams to focus on other tasks.

Better lead management

A lead retrieval app can help businesses manage leads more efficiently, allowing them to sort and categorize leads based on various criteria such as interest level, job title, and industry.

Works Offline and Export Leads

Scan leads even when you are offline. Once the network is back, sync all your offline data automatically with the backend. Export leads easily into integrated CRM embedded into the website.


Lead Capture App Benefits

Instant CRM reporting

Metao’s lead capture app Personalize the checkout experience and gain deeper insights. Collect the data that matters most to you and capture it in your event platform.

Increased efficiency

Metao Lead capture app automates the process of collecting and managing data in a jiffy, reducing the time and effort required to gather information about attendees.

Enhanced data insights

Metao lead capture app provides analytics and reporting capabilities that help event organizers better understand their audience and identify areas for improvement.